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 Welcome to our New Website

Bitphsar’s mission is to provide wholesale buyers in the Bitcoin community with access to wholesale stock and to further their resller opportunities. We believe in a customer-centric, secure, and friendly marketplace environment where we give individual attention to every item proudly listed on our site.


We have been in operation since 2012, however this is our new website and all past and present customers have been invited to to this site.


Our products are not stocked with us, we are merely the avenue through which our customers can obtain certain products at wholesale prices. Our products are from Asia and so present the best prices online.


We feel this is the new way to shop, purchasing with Bitcoin through a trusted seller at amazing prices. (we now offer wholesale buyers the facility to purchase from our website with Western Union, Moneygram as well as with Bitcoin payments and other cryptocurrencies)

Please contact us with your preferred payment option.


At present we offer mainly Apple wholesale stock, but will further our product range to include more Samsung products and other brands.


Follow us on this journey to mutual success.

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